Older men declare war…

“Older men declare war but its the youth who should fight and die.”
-Herbert Hoover


This seems to be so true in this era where conflict and war is deemed to be absolutely inevitable and it is innocent-mostly the youth-who have to bear the brunt.

The young loose their childhood and innocence at times of conflict to destruction and bloodshed. Horrific, dangerous, life threatening encounters have a huge impact on them and their perception towards life.

Young adults loose their youth to fruitless wars. At the moment when they are filled with enthusiasm and potential to realise their dreams and shape their lives, such unfortunate events seems to leave them morally void, directionless and vulnerable to forces of power.

People might argue that at times like these the country needs the assistance and support of the youth to fight for their nation and be termed as glorious warriors, but it is again the youth who are sought for to get their country back on its feet again. A life lost cannot be gained. With them goes the opportunity of having a better life a better tomorrow. their boundless potentials remain unmapped appear only as a statistic of a dreadful war that took place.