Slap her / Slap him

How children react to violence against women.. I have been awestruck by the message that this small video conveys. I think the video speaks for itself..

Some might argue.. “Who cares if she is a girl, a guy or an animal. You shouldn’t hit someone because they done nothing to you.” The bottom line is.. kids know what is right and whats wrong.. whilst elders are clueless about their “morals”.

How would you think people would react if this was the other way round.. Slap him?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

Today’s prompt: If you could spend the next year as someone radically different from the current “you” — a member of a different species, someone from a different gender or generation, etc. — who would you choose to be?


I wish to be a man
Who never faces a ban
To be the supreme while i can
Call myself a part of the infamous clan.

i want to roam the streets free
and dance in night till three
dress up without worries
Never to be charged with a moral fee.

Do you men wish to return the favour ?
To live like a women
Just for a year, not forever.
Sorry? Do you reply in a tremor.


Its a season of festivities and holidays here in India on account of celebration of Dussehra.

It is the culmination of Navaratri, observed for nine days. The tenth day of the festival is known as Dussehra or Vijayadashmi.

According to legends, Based on Ramayana the demon-king Ravana, abducts Rama’s wife Sita and took her away to his kingdom. This became the reason behind the long search and the various events that followed, which led to the destruction of Ravana by the hands of Lord Rama. Dussehra is the day, when Rama killed Ravana and won back his wife. Hence, Dusshera is also called Vijayadashmi.

Dussehra celebrates the victory of good (Rama) over the evil (Ravana). This is the reason why effigies of Ravana, Meghnatha and Kumbhkarna are burnt on Dusshera, all over northern India.

Its a tradition to enact this historic event every year in the form of play called “Ramlila” over a period of 10 days. On the final day the protagonist Ram aims a blazing arrow towards Ravans effigy burning it down to ashes.


I came across this article in The times of India Urging people to raise their voices against issues related to sexual harassment, dowry murder, rape and violence against women, with the following lines in it.


Crime against women is one of the many Ravanas that exists in our society today. And we are trying our best to win this battle of good over evil.

So, who or what is the Ravana in your life or society? Do you believe in metaphorically burning these down and being done with it?  Feel free to express your views in the comments below.