Night = Shut up

How many of you like staying up at night? Not just so that you can sleep but more of like even when you are drifting to sleep but you want to stay Awake so that you can witness the dawn of night. No not speaking of the dead, draculas, werewolves or vampires. Sorry Just humans here…

Staying up at night is something i kind of look forward to on so many ocassions. Weird me!!  Neither am I a student of astronomy nor do i have the smallest of equipments which facilitates me to watch over the proceedings of the twinkling night sky. Its just so that the night hauls along with it a sound an experience whose presence brings a sense of sanity in me. It brings silence. People sleep in anticipation to take rest to.. events of another soundful day. But i like to stay awake and soak in the sience and bask in the glory of peace that it brings along.

The non stop mumbling, fumbling and screaming of the idiot box, the endless opinions being passed on every breath of a person, the zap of the vibrating phone(courtesy the endless messages people receive), the click-clack of non-living objects, sounds of disapprovals ,the degree of hatred and anger that emancipates from the vocal cords of humans all freeze. During the day the moments when you chant shut up.. shut up.. shut up!! All these moments combine to give you the luxury of a soundless night. I do say it plenty of times.. ofcourse they are not physically spoken, only mentally mentioned and registered.

Ah the silence so pure, yet so vulnerable. Vulnerable to the intruder no matter how faint whispering a scream to rip the silence apart, which the morning promises.

It is what sets my mind free. The war within matching the disorder outside tenses my senses. The peace outside and the disorder within helps in organising thoughts and relaxing the mind. How you ask? The theory of osmosis says,

There is the movement of objects from the region of higher concentration to the region of lower concentation.

Silence brings peace which seemlessly seeps into me. The silent world helps me in organising the disorderlyness that inhibits my being into something vaguegly ordered.. something which reciprocates atleast a whisper of sense.

It is not spiritual peace that i speak of. It is a peace whose presence needs to be acknowledged to reflect on yoyrself.. on events passed.. for you to know that things can be set right. A calm, relaxed and informed thinking is all that is required to keep life going.

At times i believe the deaf in this sense more privilaged than us.. though deprived the sweet sounds of birds chirping or leaves rustling or the call of a loved one.. they are spared the wounds inflicted by harsh and bitter words.. the root cause of miseries.

How wonderful it would be if we ever lived in a world that granted us an optional hearing organ? Or what if we had an option to turn on and off our hearing capabilities like a light bulb switch. Though we now live in a world that is acustomed to partial deafness it is highly selective of its companion. These are usually the ones that have the liberty to do so and not the ones who need it.. to whom occassional moments of silence brings a calm and relaxed atmosphere and and helps keep insanity at bay.

However my irony worths a mention,

I wish to reap the benifits of silence without being silenced.

Its well past mid-night in this part of the world. Tic-toc of the wall clock is all i hear.