A settling whirlpool served, contained within a circular steel walled vessel, which fits within the palm of my hand. Bubbling with energy of my young effervescent mind. Brimful with the bribe offered to wake me up every morning – until middle school – or so I think. It’s fragrance meandering, reaches my nostrils, drawing out memories of lazy mornings from forgotten corners of my pulpy, boxed up brain. It’s colour, the colour of my clothes on a rainy August evening, boasting my boisterous endeavours on mudroads leading to my house. Each sip a reminder of humble taste we collectively admired. Back when it came in just two flavours. Back when I completed with my siblings to be the first one to be handed the drink. Back when my taste and appetite determined food intake, not the blemishing glances from friends and passersby. Back when no one scorned at my choice of drinks. With each sip my thrist for something vicious fades away. Sipping the last drops, licking the remains adhering to the sides of the vessel, innocence grips onto me. The world seems to be a better place to live in… Even with whirlpools in it.

In other words… I had a tumbler of simmering Horlicks last weekend. A drink I don’t remember having in over a decade.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

I don’t find mentions of my favorite season in the responses to today’s prompt. 😦

There are mentions about autumn, summer and spring. Autumn cause we are not yet in the freezing zone, its just the right amount of chill to chill. Summer cause its warm, a trip to the beach would be fun, a little bit of tan would do no harm. Spring cause life springs back into the dull nature.. and the world looks just more colorful.

Where is the monsoon? The cycle can’t be complete without monsoon. I don’t have anything against the other seasons but my favorite season is monsoon!

As mentioned in my blog before my name varsh-a in my mother tongue means rain 🙂 So there is no way i can’t love it.

From the cool breeze before the rain to the festoon of water droplets on the branches and leaves of the trees, I love everything about it. Its power to rejuvenate the dull, thirsty earth into a throbbing mass of life is wonderful.

I absolutely enjoy getting drenched in rain. Not the type of person who will carry an umbrella fearing the clouds to pour. I don’t give a damn about the dress, my belongings, not even my phone! Cause of this drenching love for rain i have damaged a plenty of watches of mine. Right now i don’t posses one and i have no intention of buying one cause its almost monsoon here. 😛 Oh and the taste of pakodas, jalebis and ice cream adds a lot of fun to it.

I have done almost all crazy things anyone can imagine doing in rain like.. jumping on muddy puddles barefoot, walking around barefoot on roads, – i don’t know how to explain this but you know rain gets collected along the side ends of the road and vehicles just zoom past you on the road and there is this sheet splash of water (almost like a mini wave) falling over you and you go like “What the hell?!” —- Psst readers.. Is there a word to explain this phenomena? 😛

The only thing i haven’t tried is playing football in grounds. Its like a thing on my bucket list. Why haven’t i done that yet.. well cause i don’t find people who fancy playing football in vision blurring rain. Plus grounds are not easy to find in my uber metro city. 😦

The only thing that puts me off during monsoon is the stench due to horrible conditions of drainage system. The open garbage dump areas, semi closed manholes, holes meaninglessly dug on roads and footpaths.

Any pluviophiles out there? 😉

Anyone having done even crazier stuff? 😛

Pluviophile - lover of rain

Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in

– Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Free Association.”

Today’s Prompt:

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home.

. . . soil.

. . . rain.

Use those words in the title of your post.

Love = Home

Mud  = Soil

Me = Rain

I need not explain any of these.. All speak for themselves.

I am going to elaborate just a bit. All these words put together today remind me of my motherland.. India..  Home.. Soil.. Rain.. Today we celebrate our 66th Republic Day. As a fellow blogger posted on her blog NAMASTE . On this occassion there is a parade organised at Rajghat to potray the diversity in which India survives and believes. There happened to be a slight drizzle this morning just as the program began. But the event went on as organised and there was not as much a frown on the crowd gathered there.. sure umbrellas and raincoats made their appearences but the overall spirit remained cheerful.

Rain and delight.. Hmm.. A lot of people love rains.. but my association with it runs a bit stronger.. My name.. Varsh-a means rain in hindi.. So rain and myself are inseparable. 🙂 And the smell of wet mud.. everytime it rains in my view cannot be replaced by the fragnance of the most expensive perfumes ! Some people think its crazy.. But i love it ! Everytime it rains it makes me want to run out of the closed enclosures into the open and dance in the rain. And i personally think there is a lot to learn from rain..

Here are a few snapshots from the republic day parade today.

.Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

The make in India tableau.

The state tableau of Rajasthan

                      The state tableau from West Bengal.

   The state tableau of Karnataka.

How come i am back so soon?.. I found the prompt small and easy.. and was also in a spirited mood.. so posted today.. Happy republic day !



As the skies roar
The clouds clash and open their doors
It drizzles, it pours
You will be left wanting for more

There is no one
Who can’t sense the worth
There is no one
who can mistake the smell of rainsoaked earth

The air gains a fresshness anew
Enter the birds in blue
They put us all in trance
As they spread their feathers and dance

It pours untill the earth glows
The buds, the seeds all wakeup and rise
Not once, not twice
It will rain until the world dies.