Trailers for book releases?

Recently there is a new fad in literary town. Authors are making trailers for their books. As a marketing strategy ofcourse. But why?

Video trailers for books are not new, but now its spreading like wild fire.

Books and trailers/movies are two different mediums of storytelling. One takes advantage of your imagination while the other builds an impression through sound scores and visual treats. Clearly both have different requirements/skill sets and a different audience. Then why merge both? If the books were to be made into a movie i understand. Authors want the story to reach a larger audience by shortening the time span of conveying the story. even though some compromises are made in terms of plots, they do happen to reach a larger audience.


But a trailer for a book? I cant get my head around this.

Thecreativepenn states that

Video can directly impact your marketing efforts because it is a “shareable” medium that can create immediate buzz about your book

When an author describes “She wore a bright red dress”, you have the liberty to imagine a bright red dress.. its up to your mind to set the color (just like the brightness setting on your phone). You can imagine it to be clingy or comfortable or backless.. a low cut, a knee length, a boot cut or whatever the hell you think will suit the character. But when it comes to a movie its a knee-length, first shade of bright red dress. Done. And you are left screaming in your head “BOOT LENGTH DRESS SUITS HER YOU YOU YOU.. MOVIE MAKERS”. You might not believe this but it messes up my brain.

If anyone is interested in reading a book then they will go through the plot summary. With all the book trailers i have seen the written plot summary and the trailer are remarkably the same. They have to be.. they tell the same story.

Never judge a book by its movie.

When we have an believe n quotes like these. What would make us change our perception? I am not even talking about the movie here.. its a trailer. How can publishers possibly imagine that we would jump right in for the book just by seeing the trailer. Maybe for an upcoming movie a short trailer might work, but a book? nah.

If you pick up a book just by seeing the trailer you are going to be disappointed either way. The book may not be as good as the trailer or the trailer may not be as good as the book. In most cases people tend to end up having the latter opinion.

According to thecreativepenn one of the reasons a trailer is made is to gain the attention of potential new fans. If the reason is potential new fans then yes, but isn’t there a possibility that if a person doesn’t have the time to read a summary then boy, how are they going to read the book?

Are publishers mixing up their target audience?

Any authors/publishers/booklovers out there.. please feel free to express your opinion on this below in the comments section.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fourth Wall.”

“You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.”

Okay. So i get to spend a day inside a movie. Like you are telling me that there is a time/space relativity/complexity?

A two hour movie can be stretched into a day? That could only happen in Interstellar. So that would be the movie i would want to spend a day in but then it would turn into weeks or years depending on the galaxy i am visiting.

On another note watching a 3D movie conjures our senses into believing we are witnessing the scene in flesh. I would tell you how i feel but then you already would have seen the movie and spent a day in it. Maybe we even got a bit of a “First handshake” from eachother, but you didnt recognize me.. so i am here to give you another greeting with a handshake (only this time its digital 😛 ).


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

Today’s Prompt: Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

“And all was right in the world“ is alright but Easy fix? How can we have a easy fixing solution For things to be right in the world ?!

I am going to deal with the “all was right in the world“ part of the prompt and not the easy fix part.


This prompt reminds me of the movie WRECK IT RALPH! You remember the plot? No? Let me give you a few clues.. Flix fix it! Rings a bell? No?! Any gamers here? We are heading nowhere..

Fix it felix is a game in which there exists two main characters no points for guessing.. the hero and the villian. The villian here is Ralph who smashes his huge hands on any building he can lay his hands on ( literally! ). And there is Felix who remarkablly fixes all the damaged objects with the help of a puny hammer. How can i forget the mob of citizens who never fail to yell “Fix it Felix“ in unison everytime the situations demands them to. I dont think they have a vocabulatry broader that this.

In the movie there is another character called glitch.. who everyone instantly finds adorable and cute. 🙂 The movie is about glitch helping Ralph and Ralph helping glitch in respective areas.

At the end Ralph turns out to be the hero. And people get to see the other better.. kinder side of the Wrecking Ralph. All the time Ralph trying to prove that he has what it takes to be a hero.

Apart from the fact that it was a fun watch. What i learnt from the movie was that there are going to be glitches in your life.. a ralph whose duty it is to wreck up your life.. a felix fix it who can unmistakebly fix each and everything the magnitude of damage is not a limiting attribute… and a fickle minded mob who dont know the real facts and care way to less about your emotions and life. It is upto us to choose the Felix fix it in our lives and keep away the wrecking Ralphs. But it is also important to realise that some glitches are bound to occur in our lives.. we have the option to let loose the Felix in Ralph.. pull ourselves out of miseries, help others in small ways and prove to no one but our own selves that we are the heroes of our lives… and all will be right in your world!

Fix it people !! 😉

PK !!

Another stunning performance by Aamir Khan. An absolutly intriguing movie that will make you question the fundamentals  on which our society breaths.


This movie is about an alien (called pk in movie-in hindi pk or peekee means drunk) who lands on planet earth for research. He loses his remote control to his spaceship. And here begins his search to find his stolen remote. On receiving no help from the police he turns to the general public posing his situation and asking for advice. To which everyone gives only one answer.. “now only god can help you!“  Realising that god can solve his problem he goes on a endless spree searching for a god who will solve his problem. Desperately trying to get home he practices all rituals which are supposed to help him impress god who will help him find the remote. Adding a cuteness to the movie is Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), a journalist helps him in his mission.

Not being an earthling he discovers many things which to him are unusual. Like the fact that humans wear clothes itself is what he calls weird.

The movie is comical which will make you laugh and think of the conditions that exist in our planet.

I promise you that the movie is nothing like the other alienistic movie you have ever seen before. With zero bloodshead, it pulls the right cords to immediately connect with the audience. Pk is a movie that will positively change your prespective towards various operations in and around the world. Hope you like it. 🙂 🙂

If you have already watched the movie let me know what you think.