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Dear wanderlusters,

All of us have been taught how to write letter at school.. formal.. informal.. In todays world its hard to find people using letters as a medium of sharing thoughts and experiences. A small message.. a comment.. a call.. all communication mediums to speed things up.

I find the whole letter idea adorable. Though its a tad bit time consuming, i love it. My parents have shown me a lot of letters that they have received.. both professional and personal. i have read and re read many of them.. some written in hindi.. some in english.. some with beautiful handwritings.. some that are absolutely uncomprehensible. But all in all the whole experience is wonderfull. In fact when i was born most of my relatives were informed about it by letters. The anticipation of sending and receiving a letter is amazing. The wait for the postman near the gate/door.. the tearing open the envelope.. empting the contents of the envelope.. reading it with the whole family around you.. Hmph.. i wish i was alive in that era.  A whole lot of letters have been addressed to me.. bank letters.. college acceptance letter.. subscribe to this and that letters.. happy birthday greeting cards..but not a letter letter.

I would like to complete this unfulfilled desire of mine by writing letters in this platform to distinct people.. some named.. some anonymous, by writting letter in this blog. It sounds a bit stupid as it wont be the same as in physical world. I just thought to give it a try. I am not sure how many of you like or dislike this idea. For all those who do .. please give me your suggestions on to whom i should address these letters in the comment section below or mail me at travels.of.a.wandering.mind@gmail.com

Yours lovingly,



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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Five a Day.”

Todays prompt: You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

You have been exiled to a private island and your captors are willing to supply you with five foods and you get to pick/choose them? not even ingredients.. FOODS! And – i am taking a wild guess – you think they will prepare the food and get it to you? Is this captivity or luxury?

I dont think i will have the mind to think and give out names of five foods that will keep me alive. I might as wel tell just give me anything good enough for human consumption or give me nothing.

Not the sort of person who has favourites .. It might seem weird / abnormal.. But i dont have favourites at all (period). I go with whatever is available. I feel awkward when people ask me what is your favourite dish? Who is your favourite actor/actress? Whats your favourite movie? Whats your favourite color? Whats your favourite flower? Whats your favourite ice cream flavour? Aghh..

This is how google describes favourite.. “preferred to all others of the same kind”

I may say , “i like this.. i like that..” but never to the extent to squeal, “ooh this is my absolute favourite!!” Apart from songs, singers, books and instances in life (in general), there don’t seem to be categories which have items labelled with favourites. I might not bother myself enough to label things as favourites.. i do register and note when people around me inform me about their favourites. I try to find a patterns which symbolise something as favourite.. What i have concluded is that it just makes you happy.. Is it important to categorise things as favourites and non favourites.. ?

I wonder how many of you are out there who think the same.. or if i am the only maniac with such crazy logistics. I hope i turn normal.. :/ 😦