¿Qué pasa? – What’s happening?

Hola 🙂 

¿Qué tal?

Its probably been almost a month since i wrote down a proper post. The last post i wrote feels like it was written a decade ago! Ok now where do i start? I have no clue what i m going to write today.. For the past one week these are the mantras i am chanting..

  • “I will write my blog today.. i will write my blog today..”
  • “what do i write?.. what do  i write?”..
  •  “When do i write?.. when do i write?”

Today i was determined to write and put an end to all this inner chants. Soo.. What has happened these past few days? An overview 😛

  • Swine flu scare
  • All women hackathon by Hackerearth, during which i realised i need to improve my coding skills
  • Spanish classes
  • completed gamification by University of Pennselyenia
  • started a new one-apprehensive about its completion
  • industrial visit to ITC
  • started sketching/drawing after a looong time
  • exams: sleepless nights+bad health
  • got two papers to write w.r.t cloud computing and software engineering, with an aim to publish them.
  • loads of assignments
  • placement training/softskills development workshops

I would be lying if i said i have completely been busy all these days. Some days were taken off to watcha movie, a day off for shopping, quite a few for relaxing some more again to restructure my sleeping cycle-i still have dark circles- and all my professors think i am sleeping in their class but i am clearly not just looking a bit dull and droopy and thats beause of the cold (estoy enferma).

I missed a lot of wonderful blogpost by my friends here at wordpress(spent the last one hour or so rummaging through all the blog updates). Heres a list of a few that i really liked:

These are only some posts that i went through and really liked. Missed wordpress. It feels so good being back here. 🙂 🙂

Friends please bear with my spanish. Trying to sharpen my skills. Any suggestions/recommedations are welcome. Words in my post which sound funny will usually mean something in spanish. To help you guys differentiate it i will format these into italics having a blue/teal color. Hope you dont mind  🙂

hasta pronto 🙂


Whats wrong with me?

I have no clue whats wrong with me. My exams are going on and i seem to be posting a lot these days. Its been atleast four months since i started this blog and i never have posted so many posts. So what is making me do it right now? *in the middle of my exams*

Its not that i am not serious about it. Its more like i have lost the paitence to prepare for the final exam. Especially the final exam. I rely on whatever i have learnt in the During Semester Assesment -DSA- and a few topics here and there to wite my External Semester Assement -ESA or finals. I dont really believe in marks as such. So it doesnt bother me beyond a point as far as marks are concerned.

Anyone phobic to exams must come and study in India 😉 . I am sure within a year your fears are going to vanish. There are soo many “test” and “exams” it seems like a part of your life. Anyone living in India and doing engineering will understand me. I rather have quality syllabus oriented projects than randomised answer paper writing.

There are more  posts to come i guess. For all the sleepless nights spent burning the midnight oil. Bear with me, as i bear the exams.