Of coins and wishes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Coins in the Fountain.”

Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

Yes, i Have (Answer to the first part of the question). And they were not just one or two.. they were many i am afraid. What i had wished for, i can’t recall. Maybe the reason i don’t remember is cause they didn’t come true (would it be different if it had come true?).

Oh yeah, i didn’t toss coins into a fountain.. they were tossed into rivers. They were tossed over while the train chugged over the long expanse of rivers on my way to my grandparents place.

It seems such a long time ago. Maybe in my early teens when all summer holidays meant a trip to my grandparents. It would take three days, two chugging train changes and one long sleep deprived night, with swinging jitters to go from the source to destination.

It was on the second day ( i guess) that we would pass over the river (Well this would again depend upon the route we chose to travel through). It was either the river Godavari or river Krishna. The moment the train tracks moved from running on land to hovering over the river the sound that surround us would alter from being a distant hum to a very load soft bang of sorts. The bangs occurring in sync with the appearance of each beam/column cast in the bridge. Every person on the train would shift over to where the windows were – the kids were for obvious reasons to be given the window seats at that instant – some daring souls would go and stand along the open doors. As the strong wind waft across our timid faces, we were handed coins to be tossed onto the river from the framed windows. We were specifically asked to wish for “good” things. We would “throw” our coins out the window and strain our necks to actually see if our coin hit the water ( okay, this we would just pretend to be doing to satisfy ourselves that the aim was perfect). Until.. until we heard a cling or clang. If no metallic sounds were heard everyone would be at peace as long as the train zoomed over the hovering bridge. And god-forbid.. god-forbid if we heard a cling or a clang, the one who threw the coin in last would definitely burst into tears. No amount of consoling would stop him/her from crying over missing our aim.

I at times think the reason we cried was cause we felt bad for the coin as the other thrown coin reached its destination but ours was stuck in an unknown location. Maybe the coin broke into pieces because we threw it too hard and it was hurt really badly. (I am amused how we sometimes harbor feeling for the commonest of the non-living things as a child and then as we grow we disrespect rarest forms of living things).

I don’t really think we wished things.. we would just do it for our amusement. At times we would miss the whole river thing cause we would pass over it at night when all of us were asleep.

On questioning my mom about why this was done she told me that this was practiced from the times of Rajas and Maharajas when the coins were made out of copper alloy. It was considered a healthy practice to drink water kept in copper pots or with copper coins in it. Apparently it has some nutritious quality. So when the villages/commoners would drink from such sources of water their health would benefit from it.

Now that we no longer use coins that have been manufactured from copper it seems pretty useless.

And i don’t believe in making wishes. Whether its tossing a coin or locking a lock and tossing the key onto the river or a passing shooting star or they singularly shed eyelash. I mean how can you relate a wish coming true from the occurrence of a totally unrelated scenario?!

I believe everything has a logical explanation. Its just so that we don’t know or we don’t acknowledge the logical reasoning.

On the contrary i believe that if a wish is made on such situations more often than not they won’t come true. Better safe than sorry. 😛

Sustain biodiversity

I don’t know where exactly i came across this saying but wherever i did, it seems to have gripped onto my head.

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win you are still a rat.

-Lily Tomlin

Pretty right huh? There is a thinking still prevalent in our society about our life being all about trying to be the best of the best among a ceratin cliche, and even if you are not the best just belong to that cliche for the sake of it (So that someone can brag about it). We need to be diverse for a better functioning of a society and to keep you sane. Imagine a butterfly being asked to turn into an eagle so that it owns a zooming vision. Well no.. you cant pluck out the eyes on an eagle and stick it on a butterfly. That would me insane!

Wait.. What?! Did i discover a new species? 😉 LOL 😀

Anyone recognise this? 😉

In this rat race does it matter if you are a colored different from others? So what if you are colored different from others you are still basically a rat. And if you are calling yourself a rat you need to know that there is always going to be a cat chasing you. (Even stuart little gets chased by a cat!! 😛 )

If you really think you are best among the rats then run the marathon not a race.

Where is the practicality if we all turn out as rats? Lets be different. I mean i am not asking you to be a cunning Jackal or a ferocious lepord. You can be as tall as a girraffe or a cute little Pygmy possum. As colorful as a peacock or as monochrome as a zebra. As agile as a mosquitoe or as lazy as a hippopotamus. Just be different!

There was this little personality test like thing that google put up as google doodle on world earth day (April 22) describing you as a particular animal. If you are interested take the quiz Earth day quiz and let me know what animal you are. I am a coral 😛 .

Today is International day for Biological diversity and this years theme is Biodiversity for sustainable development. Over 2 million life forms are known.. and the number is still growing. So lets promise to be different and not make the ones which are diverse, extinct.

Save the internet!!


Me: Hi.. Yo whatsup?

Internet: Nothing much.. What about u?

Me: Nothing much.. just summer, summer rains, farmer sucides, and protests..You know India is not India without protests.

Internet:Oh yeah.. the protests. BTW I heard You guys in India don’t like the freedom and connection i provide anymore.

Me: Oh.. So you have heard about it.. No hard feelings buddy.. It not us netizens favouring this you know.. the Telcos (Telecom companies).

Internet: I get that but why don’t you do anything about it? I have been your saviour in times of distress, helping you to find materials for your assignments, Order stuff online, Find you the cheapest flight/movie tickets online, Chat with your buddies, post a selfie online, Share status updates, flirt with friends or strangers.. Then WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! 

Me: I agree i agree, I totally agree.. But Its not us.. Its the Telcos. They seem to have brain washed the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India).

 Its as if government are not capable enough to understand trivial FACTS. compartmentalizing the internet into First class, second class.. You know the cast system / divide and rule policy India is just sooo efficient in carrying out such acts of high intelligence. So basically if i was wanted to access a site like WordPress i will have to pay extra to just log onto it. And if..just hypothetically if.. tumblr has tipped the service provider. The users of that telecom service provider will be able to access Tumblr at a speed greater than the speed of light-no i am just kidding. The sped at which you access other selfhosting sites will be comparatively far lesser than the speed with which you can access tumblr.  Marvellous idea right to snub the budding business and franchises which dont have money to tip the service providers in their favour. AAARRHH!! All this at a time when the Prime Minister 0f India is spreading the slogan “Make in India”.

Internet: But according to my data analysis on content of the web India is a democratic country right! You have the right to save me from getting webbed. 

Me: Yeah buddy. We are trying our best to you back in a neutral way. But The TRAI makes it a tad bit difficult.. Trai on March 27 put up a consultation paper on its website asking users to give their views on net neutrality in India. The last day for netizens to send their views to Trai on the subject is April 24. The consultation paper consists of 20 questions and guidelines spread over 118 pages. 

The AIB (All India Backchod) and the netizens behind the savetheinternet.in website have made our review job easier.

Hey internet.. can you do me a favor? Just this one last time before you get divided.

Internet: Yeah ofcourse.

Me: Send this message across to people.

Internet: Your wish is my command.

Me: Watch this video and send out your responses to TRAI.

PK !!

Another stunning performance by Aamir Khan. An absolutly intriguing movie that will make you question the fundamentals  on which our society breaths.


This movie is about an alien (called pk in movie-in hindi pk or peekee means drunk) who lands on planet earth for research. He loses his remote control to his spaceship. And here begins his search to find his stolen remote. On receiving no help from the police he turns to the general public posing his situation and asking for advice. To which everyone gives only one answer.. “now only god can help you!“  Realising that god can solve his problem he goes on a endless spree searching for a god who will solve his problem. Desperately trying to get home he practices all rituals which are supposed to help him impress god who will help him find the remote. Adding a cuteness to the movie is Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), a journalist helps him in his mission.

Not being an earthling he discovers many things which to him are unusual. Like the fact that humans wear clothes itself is what he calls weird.

The movie is comical which will make you laugh and think of the conditions that exist in our planet.

I promise you that the movie is nothing like the other alienistic movie you have ever seen before. With zero bloodshead, it pulls the right cords to immediately connect with the audience. Pk is a movie that will positively change your prespective towards various operations in and around the world. Hope you like it. 🙂 🙂

If you have already watched the movie let me know what you think.

My first TedxGateway event.

Today i had the opportunity to attend the live streaming of the TedxGateway at my University, which was taking place in Mumbai, India.And i can tell you it has been an amazing experience. With Mr. Ralph Simons as the host, the event turned out to be very entertaining.

A huge applause for all the speakers who spoke and presented their ideas today!

A day of inspiration and learning.. of vibrant, practical and functional ideas.. Some of which i am going to elaborate here.

1.The event began with Sonam Kalra, who was also co-hosting the event. She spoke about THE SUFI GOSPEL PROJECT. A fusion of music, music not just to be labelled as “Fusion” but to mean every bit of what is meant by fusion.. to blend music making it universal. With a small demo that she showed us i sure can say that she has an amazing voice and talent.

2.Next came Arsh Shah Dilbagi, who inspired by the inability of mutes people to communicate created a device “Talk” Unlike other prevelent devices is both cheap and efficient, which could analyse the breath of user and synthesize a sentence in a fraction of a second. A boon for many indeed.

3.He was followed by Erica Hagen who spoke about the representation of slums on map.. representation of people on map.. the need for being represented.. and its development in areas implemented. Her initial work was in Kibera,Africa.

4.Literally rolling over to the next speaker, Cynthia Koenig. She devised a much needed solution to the problem of rural women spending hours collecting water over long distances. Her invention is the Wello Water Wheel

5.This for me was the best Talk today. Stuart Sender spoke about the F word, a word that affects people everywhere, people love using the F word, people believe and find happiness in practising the F word, The “F” word… FORGIVENESS. His project titled THE FORGIVENESS PROJECT reaches out to people and let them tell their stories of forgiveness. Forgiveness has a deep and powerful impact, we need to embrace it. His last words being “Live in peace and not in pieces”. Thank you Stuart for you advise and vision.

6.The next speaker was Sudha Kheterpal, a musician-percussionist, having a deep routed passion for music, she created something called the “SPARK“, she repeatedly asks us to “Shake your power”. Her device if shaken provides electricity which is used in areas with no power supply. It provides light, good example of applied Physics and Design to be learnt by kids.

7.Toby Shapshak an innovator from Africa, a very energetic speaker explained the need for innovations. The reason why most innovators are from Africa or India is that because they have faced the real problem and pain caused by it, he says. He goes on to say innovations solve real problems.

Though i have mentioned only a few names and projects here.. please feel free to visit TedxGateway 2014 Speakers for the list of 28 speakers and their ideas or present your thoughts on this topic.