Why do we…?


Why do we..
want to be the sun around which the planets revolve?


Sun: I have the fire with the tendency to burn the people near me
yet have the gravity to have them placed around me
I turn some people into hospitable planets

and others as inhospitable as me.


Why do we..
want to be distant stars that from far look pleasant and peaceful?


Stars: If my sadness and silence ricochets as pleasant and peaceful to you
I have given you the ability to admire our forlorn beauty
Though hot as a sun we may be

like a diamond in the sky is all you will call me.



Why do we..
want to be asteroids that cause havoc to everyone who crosses our path?


Asteroid: Humongous and slow from far i might seem
Fierce and unstoppable i am at my fall
Unless in your vicinity you wont recognize me

When you do, I am there to wreck it all.



Why do we..
want to be Black holes that haul everything around us?


Black hole: Dragging in our surroundings to fill in my vacant soul
Can’t someone unravel my misery
The remedy to all my mystery 
Is i need some company.

Slap her / Slap him

How children react to violence against women.. I have been awestruck by the message that this small video conveys. I think the video speaks for itself..

Some might argue.. “Who cares if she is a girl, a guy or an animal. You shouldn’t hit someone because they done nothing to you.” The bottom line is.. kids know what is right and whats wrong.. whilst elders are clueless about their “morals”.

How would you think people would react if this was the other way round.. Slap him?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Be Resolved.”

We’re entering the final days of 2014 — how did you do on your New Year’s resolutions these past 11.75 months? Is there any leftover item to be carried over to 2015?



I have never in my whole life made a new year’s resolution. Simply because it defies my understanding as to how just one agenda in the orchestra of options to improve yourself can be singularily selected for special treatment.

Friends have encouraged me to have. But i had my mind determined not to do it. I have seen a lot of people make a resolution just to break it. A resolution is a promise to yourself to help you become better person from your perspective. When people break a promise they make to themselves i don’t understand why they make a huge fuss when someone else breaks their promise to them. If they themself break their promise, they shouldn’t be expecting the same from others.

Its better spread the different aspects of character that you wish to resolve in short terms and get through them. Than dragging it all round the year bolting towards the end to finish it.

I keep my streak of not having a new years resolution for the 20th year and happy with it.