Sustain biodiversity

I don’t know where exactly i came across this saying but wherever i did, it seems to have gripped onto my head.

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win you are still a rat.

-Lily Tomlin

Pretty right huh? There is a thinking still prevalent in our society about our life being all about trying to be the best of the best among a ceratin cliche, and even if you are not the best just belong to that cliche for the sake of it (So that someone can brag about it). We need to be diverse for a better functioning of a society and to keep you sane. Imagine a butterfly being asked to turn into an eagle so that it owns a zooming vision. Well no.. you cant pluck out the eyes on an eagle and stick it on a butterfly. That would me insane!

Wait.. What?! Did i discover a new species? 😉 LOL 😀

Anyone recognise this? 😉

In this rat race does it matter if you are a colored different from others? So what if you are colored different from others you are still basically a rat. And if you are calling yourself a rat you need to know that there is always going to be a cat chasing you. (Even stuart little gets chased by a cat!! 😛 )

If you really think you are best among the rats then run the marathon not a race.

Where is the practicality if we all turn out as rats? Lets be different. I mean i am not asking you to be a cunning Jackal or a ferocious lepord. You can be as tall as a girraffe or a cute little Pygmy possum. As colorful as a peacock or as monochrome as a zebra. As agile as a mosquitoe or as lazy as a hippopotamus. Just be different!

There was this little personality test like thing that google put up as google doodle on world earth day (April 22) describing you as a particular animal. If you are interested take the quiz Earth day quiz and let me know what animal you are. I am a coral 😛 .

Today is International day for Biological diversity and this years theme is Biodiversity for sustainable development. Over 2 million life forms are known.. and the number is still growing. So lets promise to be different and not make the ones which are diverse, extinct.



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

Today’s Prompt: Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

Googling a word you would expect a reply similar to the meaning of the message. Googling a word to get back an image is different. I had a wierd exepirence.

The first word i googled was legend. And this was the eleventh image..

I didnt know what to make of it. I dont understand that language. The only thing i could interpret was that the image was screaming anger and not legend!

For the seccond word i thought for a moment and then googled wait. This happened to be the eleventh image returned…

I dont know why but i burst out laughing. 😀

Okay i am playing this the wrong way, But i Cant get anything out of it.

Moving on to the third trial. I didn’t want to take risk. So i did just what the prompt asked me to do.. I googled a word from the prompt. I typed the word RANDOM! into the search engine. The eleventh image was…

Dont worry i am not going to write about life and its miseries.

The moment i saw the image the only thing that flashed in my head was “ISHIHARA TEST“ not even life. It was only later that i realised that “life is random” was what the image said. Going back to “Ishihara test“… i am going to write about how i came to know about them.

The first time i saw them was in eight or nineth grade, in school. All of us pulled out the biology textbook from our bags as the bell rang and were waiting for the next teacher to enter. But we were intrigued by the circular bubble like images that were printed on the cover of the book. After the teacher entered and introduced herself, one of us sprang up to ask about the bubble like things. We had bets saying they were some animal or plant cells positioned in a specific manner with dyes to highlight particular cells. The bio teacher smiled and muttered something about us being curious souls. All our bets went for a toss!

The bio teacher told us that it was a color blindness testing tool. She explained to us that if we weren‘t color blind we could see the numberes printed in color distinct from that of the background. All of us got super excited and started testing ourselves for its presence or absence of color blindness. After singular souls were ensured we started nudging our friends enquiring if they were colorblind. (There are different kinds of color blindness of which i am not completely aware of.)

Just then a student announced that there were more of these tests in page so and so of the book. All of us ruffled up our pages to exact location. The class was filled with giggles and yells from one corner to another. Few minutes later a teacher from adjecent class entered our classroom and glared monstrously at us. Silence spelled throughout the classroom, unleashing the fear of doom. The bio teacher had a talk with her. She left the room without a word. Can you imagine.. without.a.word.. she was already our favorite. All of us stared at the bio teacher in silence. Undesirably hoping for a reprimand for the high decibles of noise we created. Her answer astounded us. She asked if we wanted to know the biological explanation behind the test. The class roared a yes as the reply. She went on to explain about the eye.. retina.. rods and cones.. etc.,etc. All of us sat in rapture trying to understand the simplified version of logic that it employed.

Its been six to seven years since the incident. She may not even remember me now. But to me she was one of the best teachers i have had. 🙂 Ahh the nostalgia…

Here are a few ishihara tests.. hope you find the numbers..  😉

The number 16 is present..

Couldn’t make out? Try the next one..

Number 5

Number 74

Number 96

Couldnt find out any?

You better Get your eyes checked.. 😛

P.S: I do not own any of the images above. All of them are taken to reference from google.