Happiness is …

Happiness is –
– Our constant chatter
– Your voice on the other end of a call
– A notification from you
– Your sense of humour
– When you call out my name
– Your excitement over anything new
– The misheard lyrics you sing
– Your bindass moves
– The stories you spin
– Your witty comebacks to my taunts
– The ease with which I float around you
– Your chirpy giggle
– The smile glued on your face
– When I am the reason you smile

Why do we…?


Why do we..
want to be the sun around which the planets revolve?


Sun: I have the fire with the tendency to burn the people near me
yet have the gravity to have them placed around me
I turn some people into hospitable planets

and others as inhospitable as me.


Why do we..
want to be distant stars that from far look pleasant and peaceful?


Stars: If my sadness and silence ricochets as pleasant and peaceful to you
I have given you the ability to admire our forlorn beauty
Though hot as a sun we may be

like a diamond in the sky is all you will call me.



Why do we..
want to be asteroids that cause havoc to everyone who crosses our path?


Asteroid: Humongous and slow from far i might seem
Fierce and unstoppable i am at my fall
Unless in your vicinity you wont recognize me

When you do, I am there to wreck it all.



Why do we..
want to be Black holes that haul everything around us?


Black hole: Dragging in our surroundings to fill in my vacant soul
Can’t someone unravel my misery
The remedy to all my mystery 
Is i need some company.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Proud.”

Today’s prompt : When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you.

This got me thinking.. for a long time.. not a good thing i suppose. Frankly speaking i do not remember. Not because there were many instances for me being the reason for someones pride but because the lack of it. I take pride in being who i am.. but sometimes its so hard to convince myself that i am worth being proud of. Wrote this down listening to paramore’s decode track. ( Paramore fanatic here. 🙂 )


you can see me, you can hear me
at times you will ignore me
that doesn’t bother me cause i know
you can’t decode me

you blame me, you hurt me
most times you misjudge me
you don’t understand me cause i know
you can’t decode me

you torment me, you deceit me
you try to intimidate me
but you can’t control me cause i know
you can’t decode me

The day someone decodes me
i know they will be proud of me
for what i was for what i am and
for i have promised myself to be.

In search…

Something i lost sentence image

Hunting for something i know i possessed
Long forgotten in a life thats stressed
Thoughts oppressed
Visible from my hair thats messed

Looking for something i wish to find
Rummaging through my foggy mind
All my senses combined
Trying to play the scenes in rewind

Where do i look for it?

Do i probe my fingers
Through he half jammed drawer?
Or risk facing the barge
of the absolutely full wardrobe?

Where do i look for it?

In the weeded garden floor
with bugs and beetles galore?
Or in confines of the place i dwell?
alongside which is a well.

Where do i look for it?

In pleasant splashing waves
over the sea shore?
Or in the buzz
of the daily chores?

I needed to express
The cause of my distress
And to confess
That I am now depressed.

I will continue my search to which i am bound
Cause i hear voiceless sound
Which casts a feeling profound
Of impending joy when a thing is lost.. and found !