To the 24 hours #8 – Arduously

10 August 2015

Over the last few days.. learning it the hard way
– Familiarity does breeds contempt.
– Sometimes its better to be alone, no one can hurt you.

Cheers for learning it the hard way,
To the 24 hours


To the 24 hours #7 – Fury

Today 3 August 2015

A mass invisible to the rest
The balled up fury inside my chest
Each rebound grows the intensity
Each rebound brings me closer to insanity

To the 24 hours


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Shoulda Woulda Coulda.”

Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

I should really be doing this but i dont.. BLOG!

Back after a looong spell of absence.

Whats kept me off from blogging?

I though i would abandon this blog for good now that i have so much on my plate. But i cant just cant. I need to put things out here.. i dont care if people read it or dont cause i know some day i will look back at these post and laugh a bit or maybe think how stupid i was to get worried about such stuff, get all nostalgic (in a panic-filled sense) and really be thankful for having had such a horrible yet memorable experience.

So finally started the internship i received at the end of last semester. I was glad i had it cause my other batch-mates were struggling to find one. My college had made it mandatory to get an internship done and award 2 credits to one who did complete it. No other university in my state has this mandatory internship as per my knowledge. So i dont really know if it gives us an edge over the rest or make us feel dejected for being different. At present we are humanised versions of guinea pigs to be experimented and controlled upon. The results of which is not immediate.

Its difficult to get an internship even in the silicon valley of India for a computer science student considering the fact that i m among the first batch of B.Tech students to graduate from our university. Sensing this, the university brought in a few companies to do interviews and hire interns.. mostly startups turned up (but the one where i intern is a well established company.. really not a big deal.. read on). Some got selected, some didnt, some got it on their own accord (cause some had talent and the others influence), some just dont care if they got one or didnt.

Frankly speaking i thought it was going to be an easy-breezy kind of a thing. But turns out i was completely wrong. I was ready for this to be a fun, joyful holiday, plus u get paid and a bonus of two credits from the college. It stumbled out to be endless days of deprived sleep, source of stress, long hours spent traveling (thanks to the wonderful traffic) , a lot of squeezing and getting pushed around (thanks to the crowd in public transport and limited travel options) . Few of my batch-mates are absolutely loving their internships more than being at college. Then there are those who are in the same boat as me and then those who absolutely hate their jobs.

I wouldnt lie about not having learnt anything. Infact i learned a lot in this short span of three-four weeks (and theres still a few more weeks to go). This tells us that there really is a gap between what the university teaches us and what the industry demands.

Its not like these people “teach“ us stuff. They EXPECT us to know everything. Seriously! Just a 20 min introduction to a absolutely brand new concept and then we are supposed to master it in a day or two. That is what the industry outside demands from us.

Its like we are inside a soundproof pleasant house with cozy interiors, with no windows, totally unaware about whats happening outside. When we step out without knowing whats in for us, thats when the storming blizzard hits us. And we.. cant step back in the house. Face the blizzard or perish!

And we (the to be Engineers) are sheltered from this harsh reality by the covers of scores, CGPAs, dumb assignments and projects. When we get placed for a job we will have to code or do the likes.. not present a ten page writeup on features of Object Oriented Programming. The education system and methods adopted need to change.

It has been sort of fun. I wouldn’t lie there too. There are six of us interns all from the same college. We have fun cracking jokes, taking hour long lunch breaks at a restaurant around one or one-and-a-half kilometer from our office (and we walk to and fro to the restaurant), look at the coffee machine, hear it hiss out coffee or cappuccino or whatever about hundred times a day! And constantly nag about its smell as a source of irritation, while we tap away on our keyboards gently and then furiously, dreading to receive the next assignment when we haven’t completed the previous one.

Weekends are life saviors. I have never loved weekends as much as i do now. I get time to read a book or two, sleep an hour or two more than i generally do, relax doing nothing but then sunday comes and i am back staring at my lit up screen trying to figure out a way to complete the latest assignment.

The lead is disappointed, cause some of us (including me) do not match the high skill requirement he wished to have as interns. Obviously they have high standards. And we have no freaking seniors to warn us about it. I try to give it my best (while still keeping myself sane).

I m also contemplating if this is the kind of job i want to spend my life. Hey! i can earn a living with this but do i really want to do it? Maybe yes maybe no. I will find out when the internship ends.

For now i am back to rant again. 😉 😛