You’re never gonna go if you don’t go now

November has come to an end. And what a memorable month it has turned out to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

Starting off the month annoyed with the severe cold and my inability to even speak in a normal tone. Thank you *people who had to listen to my terrible voice* for tolerating my rough, high pitched “noise”. Meeting friends before I leave for Pune. Followed by Diwali celebrations. Celebrated with happiness and fireworks after many years! After which came my move to Pune. This is an update for November – events after my parents left Pune. Planning to do one every month.

November, a month of many firsts. I am glad I decided to move in here. Argh. There is so much to put in! Cutting down a lot to keep this short enough for me to complete. Its 2 AM and I am sleepy.

There are a lot of positive stuff mentioned here. Forgive me for being an optimist here. Another first! ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s begin!

The number of birds I see/listen to in a day here is equal to the number of birds I see/listen to in a month in Bangalore. Some I find perched on the window sills of my room in the morning, many of them at my office campus and a lot many perched on electric wires and atop a building near my PG. Every time I bend in to view a bird closely it flies away :/ I won’t hurt you little birdy. Why you no stay still for me? *


Birds perched atop buildings *

I paid a visit to Pagoda, at Hanuman Tekdi, for which I hailed a cab (On another note Avoid going here alone or on secluded afternoons, go for early morning visit and in a group). I am not the kind of person who ever engages in small talks. Never. Ever. It’s me blabbering all over or silence. There is no middle ground. I try to break character and start speaking to the cab driver. Asking trivial questions about Pune. It turned out to be extremely informative for someone who is new to the city. Also he was extremely kind. I always imagine cab drivers to be horrible humans because one or two bad experiences I had. I should absolutely shun believes of mine without collecting proper sample space for analysis. The ride was almost an hour long so we had quite lot of topics covered. The mystery of traffic signals being one of them. He explained that each set of traffic lights were meant for each lane. I told him the same job could be done with a single traffic light and he informed me that a single traffic light would not be efficient in informing the crowd about the course of traffic. Something along the lines of the road being too broad for a single traffic light to fall in the angle of vision of all drivers. This includes a dedicated traffic light for the PMPML buses as they have seperate section allocated to them. Only PMPML buses are allowed to ride through these sections, with exceptions of ambulances. They make for a great corridor for quick transport of patients. No traffic, no honks, no delays. Couldn’t agree more on it. However, these sections for buses are built only for the extended city. As far as I have seen, old Pune doesn’t have these special road sections. So the problem isn’t solved, yet worked on to a great extent.


Halfway Hanuman Tekdi

Traffic Signal System

Traffic signals – Taken from Google Images *

I needed to buy a coffee mug. I looked around quite a few places for a specific kind of mug, but was unable to find one to my satisfaction. Until I saw a gift shop with few coffee mugs kept on the display. I entered and asked a representative to direct me to the coffee mug section. I chose one and placed the mug on the counter and asked the representative to bill it. She asked me which colour of gift wrapper I would like. I informed her that the mug was for me and that I didn’t want it gift wrapped. She was trying to cajole me into getting the gift wrap done while preparing the bill. Something else in the store caught my eye and I went to a different section of the store. On my return the coffee mug was gift wrapped and the representative said that it’s a gift from her to me*. It was a pleasant gesture. It made my day. Small things matter ๐Ÿ™‚

Visited Dagaduseth Halwai Ganapathi Temple. Twice! The most famous temple here. A must visit if you ever set foot in Pune. After making your way through the long winding queue head over to Veg Restaurant calm down your growling stomach. A tiny restaurant with quality, tasty and hygienic food at a very reasonable and affordable price. I am so used to being charged exorbitant prizes at restaurants the carryout quality service that I was shocked to see such a low value on my bill.

The restaurant is on a busy shopping street near the temple. Great place for street shopping and books*! Got myself started on a shopping spree when my companion duly and literally pulled me away and put an end to my instinctive purchases. ๐Ÿ˜›

Ahh.. Saw these while street shopping… Just when you thought you had seen it all… Emoji earrings. Never heard that coming, huh?


Earring emoji XD

The buses here are different from the ones in Bangalore*. Allow me to list out the differences:-



Two doors Three doors
Two one side of the bus Two on one side of the bus. One on the opposite side.
Doors on either end of the bus or in the middle Doors on the either ends of bus and in the middle
Platform for stepping into the bus too high Low platform for ease of
Restricted seating for male and female โ€“ Excluding Volvo buses Unrestricted seating
Whistling or variations of โ€œRight! Right!โ€ for signalling bus halt or start ๐Ÿ˜› Bell at the entrance of bus used for signalling bus halt or start
Cushioned seats Plastic seats (As far as I have seen)

Some autos have their rear view mirrors facing inwards. I have no idea why. My friend suggested it might be cause there are lesser chances of the mirrors breaking off due to collision with other vehicles. I am not sure. Should have spoken to the auto driver. Dumb me. Dammit! It takes time to break character!


Rear view mirror facing inward

I got a chance to attend a hindustani classical recital and a JAM session at a music school. Which were amazing! Looking forward to attend some more of these sessions.

In the middle of all this chaos I got to spend time with my mom. Every night leading to my move to PG she would pat me and put me to sleep. She knows exactly what I would do without supervision. She advised me on a number of things, some I was happy to hear from her, some I wasn’t. I nodded my head in agreement for both. I knew her worry for me was justified. Beneath all this worry was love, my well being and affection. Stay well and be happy, those were my mother’s parting words. And seriously what else do mother’s ask for? There is no one in this world who will love you more than your mother. Keep her happy if you can’t make her proud. Small goals.

Sing Street has a wonderful sound track. Please go out and check the album. Go now is a specific favourite of mine. The lyrics are great and so is the composition.

We enter the month of December – the last month of the year. What adventures will it bring?

* I am sorry I don’t have a pic for this. Camera is probably the least used app on my phone. I should start clicking photos. I will keep it in mind.

Go now! Shoo!

You’re never gonna go if you don’t go now…


Happiness is …

Happiness is –
– Our constant chatter
– Your voice on the other end of a call
– A notification from you
– Your sense of humour
– When you call out my name
– Your excitement over anything new
– The misheard lyrics you sing
– Your bindass moves
– The stories you spin
– Your witty comebacks to my taunts
– The ease with which I float around you
– Your chirpy giggle
– The smile glued on your face
– When I am the reason you smile

Year gone by 2015

The year 2015 officially comes to an end today. The past year has been everything i hoped for and occasionally things i didn’t hope for. What is life without a bit of everything?


It has been remarkable eventful, educational (in more than one way) and surprisingly memorable – for all the right and the wrong reasons ๐Ÿ˜›


I would describe this year as the almost deadly roller coaster ride that i am happy i enjoyed and survived. Most of it had to do with me entering the final year of my bachelor’s degree (Which implicitly causes a series of chain reactions), being social and the rest to “shaking it off” – like Taylor Swift asked us all to. It has definitely been a year of self reflection. In terms of realizing what I stand for – morally and professionally , building self respect, exploring new possibilities, jotting down goals and big chunk of it to identifying the people who make my life worth living and being thankful to them.

Also, I completed a whole year of blogging!! I never thought i would be able to make it.

In the end I would like to say that I am happy to be alive along with my loving family and friends, believe in a better future and a better world!

I wish this year has lesser disasters, lesser hate, lesser accidents, greater success, greater prosperity, better health and loads of love. Happy New Year!!


I am gonna leave you with this famous dialogue. I know most of you will be sick and tired of hearing this by now.. I am gonna say it anyway.. This new year MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!ย ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ˜

What have you learnt as a child?

What have you learnt as a child?


If a child lives with criticism
He learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility
He learns to fight.

If a child lives with ridicule
He learns to be shy.

If a child lives with tolerance
He learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement
He learns confidence.

If a child lives with praise
He learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with fairness
He learns justice.

If a child lives with security
He learns faith.

If a child lives with approval
He learns to like himself.

If a child lives with acceptance and friendship
He learns to find love in the world.. !

What have you learnt as a child?


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Night = Shut up

How many of you like staying up at night? Not just so that you can sleep but more of like even when you are drifting to sleep but you want to stay Awake so that you can witness the dawn of night. No not speaking of the dead, draculas, werewolves or vampires. Sorry Just humans here…

Staying up at night is something i kind of look forward to on so many ocassions. Weird me!!ย  Neither am I a student of astronomy nor do i have the smallest of equipments which facilitates me to watch over the proceedings of the twinkling night sky. Its just so that the night hauls along with it a sound an experience whose presence brings a sense of sanity in me. It brings silence. People sleep in anticipation to take rest to.. events of another soundful day. But i like to stay awake and soak in the sience and bask in the glory of peace that it brings along.

The non stop mumbling, fumbling and screaming of the idiot box, the endless opinions being passed on every breath of a person, the zap of the vibrating phone(courtesy the endless messages people receive), the click-clack of non-living objects, sounds of disapprovals ,the degree of hatred and anger that emancipates from the vocal cords of humans all freeze. During the day the moments when you chant shut up.. shut up.. shut up!! All these moments combine to give you the luxury of a soundless night. I do say it plenty of times.. ofcourse they are not physically spoken, only mentally mentioned and registered.

Ah the silence so pure, yet so vulnerable. Vulnerable to the intruder no matter how faint whispering a scream to rip the silence apart, which the morning promises.

It is what sets my mind free. The war within matching the disorder outside tenses my senses. The peace outside and the disorder within helps in organising thoughts and relaxing the mind. How you ask? The theory of osmosis says,

There is the movement of objects from the region of higher concentration to the region of lower concentation.

Silence brings peace which seemlessly seeps into me. The silent world helps me in organising the disorderlyness that inhibits my being into something vaguegly ordered.. something which reciprocates atleast a whisper of sense.

It is not spiritual peace that i speak of. It is a peace whose presence needs to be acknowledged to reflect on yoyrself.. on events passed.. for you to know that things can be set right. A calm, relaxed and informed thinking is all that is required to keep life going.

At times i believe the deaf in this sense more privilaged than us.. though deprived the sweet sounds of birds chirping or leaves rustling or the call of a loved one.. they are spared the wounds inflicted by harsh and bitter words.. the root cause of miseries.

How wonderful it would be if we ever lived in a world that granted us an optional hearing organ? Or what if we had an option to turn on and off our hearing capabilities like a light bulb switch. Though we now live in a world that is acustomed to partial deafness it is highly selective of its companion. These are usually the ones that have the liberty to do so and not the ones who need it.. to whom occassional moments of silence brings a calm and relaxed atmosphere and and helps keep insanity at bay.

However my irony worths a mention,

I wish to reap the benifits of silence without being silenced.

Its well past mid-night in this part of the world. Tic-toc of the wall clock is all i hear.