In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fourth Wall.”

“You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.”

Okay. So i get to spend a day inside a movie. Like you are telling me that there is a time/space relativity/complexity?

A two hour movie can be stretched into a day? That could only happen in Interstellar. So that would be the movie i would want to spend a day in but then it would turn into weeks or years depending on the galaxy i am visiting.

On another note watching a 3D movie conjures our senses into believing we are witnessing the scene in flesh. I would tell you how i feel but then you already would have seen the movie and spent a day in it. Maybe we even got a bit of a “First handshake” from eachother, but you didnt recognize me.. so i am here to give you another greeting with a handshake (only this time its digital 😛 ).



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