In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With a Cause.

Among all the non extinct organisms in the universe they offsprings of a human are the only ones who need constant care and love from the moment they are born to the age of maybe eighteen or twenty when they are ensured that they can take care of themselves and lead a harmless life (well in most cases). This said, human kids are still the most neglected in a society. In terms of nutrition, physical & psychological development, emotional connect, health – number of diseases that a child may suffer with is appalling. Not to mention selective acceptance of a child based on gender. In the animal kingdom you will hardly find parents dealing with the above issues. There its just the criteria of best selection ( or was that survival of the fittest? ). A kangaroo’s struggle for life starts right when its an embryo. The embryo need to crawl out of the uterus ( yes its red in colorand very very tiny). dIt has to travel all the way to its mother’s pouch, where the mammary glands are present. This now acts as the human version of umbilical cord for the embryo to develop further. Now you see the journey from uterus to the pouch is not easy. This journey should be limited to only a few minutes and if.. If.. The embryo is unable to get to the pouch within this time frame or if it falls down it is left at that. Not a second glance given by the mother. The birds.. Once the birds hatch. They need to have just twoqualities to live a life. One learn to fly and two learn to find your own meal. I mean after that they don’t even live in the same nests. What I am trying to say they do not require that sort of constant attention and yet they live a meaningful life. But we.. From the first diaper change to the little boo boo that you get, parental care is so important. And most of them are the alien to this basic love and care. It breaks myheart to see kids on TVs and newspaper in the conflicting nations bombarded with weapons of mass destruction, natural disasters, the so called burden of feeding another mouth and no one to look after them. Their shrivled faces and swollen eyes from crying their heart out. Abandoned for life, struggling for existence and identity. At times I think why we even have natural birth anymore. I mean if everyone who wanted a kid could adopt a kid who are left abandoned (of course legally and with a good heart), the world be a better place.   So that’s my cause. Kids, children.. The most innocent and lovely people on earth.


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