The 2-minute drama

“Maggi maggi maggi”. If you are familiar with the brand i bet you sang it mentally in your head. I did 😉

I have absolutely no idea how many times i have had Maggi or the number of times i have heard / seen this ad. A lot of us had fun preparing these 2 minute maggi and relishing the aroma and taste. And at times sing along to the ad jingle. If you have never heard of it.. here have a listen..

Just an intro Maggi is a brand for is an international brand of instant soups, stocks, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasonings and instant noodles. Now owned by Nestle. Well the company is now having a row over the instant noodles section of the brand. Instant like in 2 minute. I think the whole marketing strategy is build on the 2-minutes preparation time idea. Tests over several samples of Maggi noodles have been found to contain high content of lead and monosodium glutamate or MSG, a taste enhancer.. the reports suggest the levels are way beyond the permissible amount. A few states in India have already banned its sale. There is a country wide scrutiny going on over the last few days.

A lot of our childhood and adulthood has been dependent on the availability of maggi and its ease of preparation.. with absolutely no skills required. 😉 Some of my friends still depend on its existence to have a meal atleast one time a day. Well i am not such a lover of the instant noodles. The only thing i liked when maggi was made was to smash the solidified noodles with hand into tiny pieces, so that people couldn’t eat it with a fork. 😛

Thats not why i am writing this i am writing this cause with the boohahah of the maggi row the endorsers are being dragged into a  lawsuit. Celebrities endorse a product for two main reasons maybe they just love the product and would like to promote it. Or because they get good money for it. For some its the later. Some of them go as far as going and checking out the quality of product before they actually endorse it. Amitabh Bachan admitted to have done this in an interview. And it seems illogical to drag the endorsers into a lawsuit over the brands negligence of the product quality. And if the issue comes out after five years of endorsers have checked the quality, how are they responsible? Considering the number of products celebs endorse today its difficult to check of the quality of each product.

Will the celebs be acquitted from it Or like the ad says will the whole episode vanish after 2-minute drama?

There are some products that threaten or do change the outlook of the crowd and yes it is harms the mental appetite. Like the skin lightening creams which according to me promote racism. Why not have a lawsuit over these endorsers? They slow poison our minds constantly. Oh you say we can’t do that cause there are no numbers? no statistically proved theory that they are racist? Oh you call it marketing strategy. Bulls**t. I bet if test are carried out on theses samples the reports would give us a very “fair” idea of what the product stands for.

Coming back t o the Maggi topic. I dont get it.. is it just the solid noodles or the masala or both that has high levels of lead in it? If its the masala then its great news. We can adjust you know. Its the “great quality” Indians have. “Adjust a bit yaar..” , “swalpa adjust madkoli..”, “chalao type hai yaar kuch bana lete hai side main. Do minute ki tho baat hai”. 

I think we should call it the great Indian quality. Any more traits that could count as the great indian quality?


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