In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Leader.”If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?

I am reading a book titled “What young India wants” by Chetan Bhagat. Its a collection of short essays and columns that he had written for newspapers. A few speeches included as well.

He puts forth what are the exact needs of India.. the young India. A lot has changed over a period of two years but surprisingly a lot remains unchanged. From corruption to providing employment to the youth to voting to the old views that need to change, etc, etc.

The one that i think is most important is educating the young India. Yes we have Right to education (RTE).. yes we have the mid day meals in place to lure the kids. But even in these provisions the number of enrollments seen in schools is going down. The reason being there are a lot of loopholes in the set system.

Some parents are against the RTE cause they do not want their kids interacting or mingling with the kids who come from the “lower strata” and hence some schools backed out too cause they were threatened by the parents that they would pull their wards off that school. (Duh! thats why the RTE was put in place, so that the less privileged had access to education).  A paradigm shift in the way the public thinks is required. And the worst part is.. its all a chain reaction.

The mid day meal. Hmm.. well the food is there but the problem is.. its infested with worms. Oh no its not spoilt, the government thought worms and rice, worms and dal are a great combo and taste great. Well yeah this is a huge problem. Parents send kids to school so that they atleast have a meal to fill their stomach than have an empty stomach. But when such incidents come up they rather pull them off school than carry them to local hospitals for the lack of money and the unpromising support of the concerned official. They would favor having a pair of helping hands at work than send kids to school with a possibility of falling sick. Some schools do get provided with quality food thats good to start with but then again these are sponsored by NGOs. Thats the clue.. cling onto it.

And then there is the problem of finding teacher. Who wouldn’t want to have a government job? There are n number of candidates but the people who get through are usually have contacts and have poor subject knowledge or the good hardworking ones. The former are more in number.

The government on a national level is doing a great job on the save daughter campaign, is actively connected to the youth via twitter and mann ki baat, make in India initiative, being a support to other nations at the time of crisis, but working on the educational issues is what I think is lacking from their agenda.

And here we are.. all giving our political views and ranting away to glory.


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