Save the internet!!


Me: Hi.. Yo whatsup?

Internet: Nothing much.. What about u?

Me: Nothing much.. just summer, summer rains, farmer sucides, and protests..You know India is not India without protests.

Internet:Oh yeah.. the protests. BTW I heard You guys in India don’t like the freedom and connection i provide anymore.

Me: Oh.. So you have heard about it.. No hard feelings buddy.. It not us netizens favouring this you know.. the Telcos (Telecom companies).

Internet: I get that but why don’t you do anything about it? I have been your saviour in times of distress, helping you to find materials for your assignments, Order stuff online, Find you the cheapest flight/movie tickets online, Chat with your buddies, post a selfie online, Share status updates, flirt with friends or strangers.. Then WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! 

Me: I agree i agree, I totally agree.. But Its not us.. Its the Telcos. They seem to have brain washed the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India).

 Its as if government are not capable enough to understand trivial FACTS. compartmentalizing the internet into First class, second class.. You know the cast system / divide and rule policy India is just sooo efficient in carrying out such acts of high intelligence. So basically if i was wanted to access a site like WordPress i will have to pay extra to just log onto it. And if..just hypothetically if.. tumblr has tipped the service provider. The users of that telecom service provider will be able to access Tumblr at a speed greater than the speed of light-no i am just kidding. The sped at which you access other selfhosting sites will be comparatively far lesser than the speed with which you can access tumblr.  Marvellous idea right to snub the budding business and franchises which dont have money to tip the service providers in their favour. AAARRHH!! All this at a time when the Prime Minister 0f India is spreading the slogan “Make in India”.

Internet: But according to my data analysis on content of the web India is a democratic country right! You have the right to save me from getting webbed. 

Me: Yeah buddy. We are trying our best to you back in a neutral way. But The TRAI makes it a tad bit difficult.. Trai on March 27 put up a consultation paper on its website asking users to give their views on net neutrality in India. The last day for netizens to send their views to Trai on the subject is April 24. The consultation paper consists of 20 questions and guidelines spread over 118 pages. 

The AIB (All India Backchod) and the netizens behind the website have made our review job easier.

Hey internet.. can you do me a favor? Just this one last time before you get divided.

Internet: Yeah ofcourse.

Me: Send this message across to people.

Internet: Your wish is my command.

Me: Watch this video and send out your responses to TRAI.