Back in school i was crazy about art – Painting/sketching/drawing – and i would usually find my way to interschool fests. In those days one could not just express a desire to participate in an event. One had to prove their talent in the intraschool compititions that were organised. My drawing teachers had great talent but they were unable to transfer the same to fiegity, hyperactive teenagers. Who always thought dwaing classes was a relaxation class. Speaking of drawing classes.. there were many students who had never even held a paintbrush in their entire life upto eight grade. Drawing classes don’t specifically require anyone to use paint but our teacher insisted that we use water/poster colors in our classes. Many of my classmates failed to bring the paint in his next class and all of them were shown the door. By this time i was quite familiar with paints/paintbrushes, different texture of papers and differnt techniques of painting. All thanks to my wonderful aunts who were awesome artists/painters. To this day their talent astonishes me. They carried their duties as a women.. and they didnt pursue a carrier in art. I dont visit them much.. and i am not sure if they still paint or do any form of art. This art teacher was a nut actually. Evry class he would give us a homework and by the next class all the drawing books were supposed to be on his table before he entered our class. That was okay with us. But what he used to do was not just grade the drawings. He would hold up each painting/drawing and critize it in front of the whole class. Like we were all artists and our works were lined up to be critized and awarded. My classmates werent bothered much by it. They would have a good laugh at the manner in which he criticized each drawing. Some would even immitate him if they found us doodling in classworks during classes. One year later i stopped painting/drawing cause pressure was in for our board exams. After tenth too i was caught up in the entrance exams coaching and following rat race. Its only a few months back that i started getting back into this hobby of mine. The water paints that i have are all cramped up in a box with the paintbrushes in the attic (The house i live in isnt huge enough to accomodate infrequently used articles/materials). I have worked with water/poster color, acrylic paint but had never tried my hand with oil paints or oil pastels. A month ago i bought these oil pastels. I couldnt find enough time to even unbox the pastels. Anyway today i did! And managed to make two “pieces of art” 😛 😉 Noo.. these drawings are too amature. Oil pastels are used as a replacement for oil paints(In a crude sense). There is no waiting required for the paint to dry.. the colors blend easily (Just like oil paints). Here they are..IMG878

JpegThis is one of my creations.. I had something else in mind but it turned out like this!


This is a drawing from google search that my friend asked me to draw.

¿Qué pasa? – What’s happening?

Hola 🙂 

¿Qué tal?

Its probably been almost a month since i wrote down a proper post. The last post i wrote feels like it was written a decade ago! Ok now where do i start? I have no clue what i m going to write today.. For the past one week these are the mantras i am chanting..

  • “I will write my blog today.. i will write my blog today..”
  • “what do i write?.. what do  i write?”..
  •  “When do i write?.. when do i write?”

Today i was determined to write and put an end to all this inner chants. Soo.. What has happened these past few days? An overview 😛

  • Swine flu scare
  • All women hackathon by Hackerearth, during which i realised i need to improve my coding skills
  • Spanish classes
  • completed gamification by University of Pennselyenia
  • started a new one-apprehensive about its completion
  • industrial visit to ITC
  • started sketching/drawing after a looong time
  • exams: sleepless nights+bad health
  • got two papers to write w.r.t cloud computing and software engineering, with an aim to publish them.
  • loads of assignments
  • placement training/softskills development workshops

I would be lying if i said i have completely been busy all these days. Some days were taken off to watcha movie, a day off for shopping, quite a few for relaxing some more again to restructure my sleeping cycle-i still have dark circles- and all my professors think i am sleeping in their class but i am clearly not just looking a bit dull and droopy and thats beause of the cold (estoy enferma).

I missed a lot of wonderful blogpost by my friends here at wordpress(spent the last one hour or so rummaging through all the blog updates). Heres a list of a few that i really liked:

These are only some posts that i went through and really liked. Missed wordpress. It feels so good being back here. 🙂 🙂

Friends please bear with my spanish. Trying to sharpen my skills. Any suggestions/recommedations are welcome. Words in my post which sound funny will usually mean something in spanish. To help you guys differentiate it i will format these into italics having a blue/teal color. Hope you dont mind  🙂

hasta pronto 🙂