Why do we have weekends? there is just soo much to do! We keep anticipating we are going to have a hell lot of time on weekends and keep pushing work off until then and alas.. we dont complete them. Forget all important tasks and concentrate on doing stuff we shouldnt be doing. Spend the sunday night / monday morning making an attempt to complete a dozen of tasks sue the very next day.I shouldnt be doing this often. 😦

Frankly speaking i dont like holidays as they send my working schedule off track.

I just realised we were given a lot of homework to do and i haven’t even started! Writing this to get my mind off the regret of not doing the homework.

What have i been doing this weekend? The harry potter book series and a course i am doing online.

Most of the courses online usually have multiple choice questions to test your understanding on the subject and grade you accordingly. But this is the first course i have taken apart from the programming ones which require we to submit a written assignment. They present me with a scenario and i have to provide them with a probable solution based on the concepts taught and learnt during that weeks video lectures.

Oops.. i didnt mention the name of the course its Gamification. Its a wonderful concept and course. Its more of stategy combined with psychology than science or buisness..as far as i have observed. There is a lot to tell about this course. Will do it sometime later. Probably when i complete the course. 😛

The other activity that has kept me busy are Harry Potter books. A friend of mine kept me urging since ages to read the book. I on the other hand was reluctant to leave behind the charm that the movies had on me.. which i so adored as a child.. that i had not even laid a hand on them.

I still remember the first time i actually watched the .. chamber of secrets movie. Me and my siblings had gathered up all our pocket money to go buy the movie CDs .. There we were in the store with dad buying the latest Harry Potter DVDs. When we first saw the DVDs encased in a cardboard cover we couldnt help but gaze at it (This was some ten years ago). Ever since i have been in awe of the series. I tried putting up a pic of those DVDs and the cover.. i have been looking for them everywhere but didnt find them. They must be packed in a box in some abscure corner of the house. But those specific images are imprinted in my mind.

Today i finished reading the second book in the series ‘Harry Potter and the chamber of screts’. YAY.. I know this Sounds childish, but duh.. I was introduced to the wonderful world of Hogwarts in childhood.. Its hard not to associate the childish me with it. The book is far more intriguing than the movie. The movies were all made with lot of effort. But after reading the book and watching the movie, i would anyday go for “the book”!

I am now officially a “Potterhead”. 



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