In search…

Something i lost sentence image

Hunting for something i know i possessed
Long forgotten in a life thats stressed
Thoughts oppressed
Visible from my hair thats messed

Looking for something i wish to find
Rummaging through my foggy mind
All my senses combined
Trying to play the scenes in rewind

Where do i look for it?

Do i probe my fingers
Through he half jammed drawer?
Or risk facing the barge
of the absolutely full wardrobe?

Where do i look for it?

In the weeded garden floor
with bugs and beetles galore?
Or in confines of the place i dwell?
alongside which is a well.

Where do i look for it?

In pleasant splashing waves
over the sea shore?
Or in the buzz
of the daily chores?

I needed to express
The cause of my distress
And to confess
That I am now depressed.

I will continue my search to which i am bound
Cause i hear voiceless sound
Which casts a feeling profound
Of impending joy when a thing is lost.. and found !


5 thoughts on “In search…

      • Ok, I have to confess I do not really understand the poems. And I want to choose as perspective you are not depressed, you shouldn’t be my dear Earthling friend;) And if you insist I am depressed, I can tell a story of a cat, which lives our street. It escaped from its home two days ago, it lived amazing things last two days. It stole the foods, it was chased by the people, it was caught in the rain, it fought the other cats, it couldn’t climb down to tree. It lived all just two days. WD and I follow its acts, its fun:) And, I see your smile already;)

      • Saw this now amigo. Poem is about saying a lot in a few words. Thats the simplest of description i can give for the word poem. 🙂

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