Blogging endeavours

Good news for me 🙂 (and maybe you too).

Its been almost seven months since I first created a website in WordPress. I wasn’t even sure what I would do with it.In the beginning I posted random poems that I wrote. I received good responses. Later I tried infiltrating the zone of writing posts on certain topics. Some were good some weren’t.. Some had me describing a part of my life while some others were work of fiction. And this went really well since I had a chance to interact with fellow bloggers and have a peek at their amazing lives through the posts that they wrote. They and their blogs have now become a part of my everyday life. The daily prompts were very helpful to me to build this relationship with other bloggers. Every now and then there are some technical issues but they are resolved sooner or later.

Why all this sentimental description.. Apart from the fact that I didn’t get a daily prompt to write on today.. I received a notification from the statistical team at WP. I have received a hundred likes on my blog since I first started blogging. This was absolutely UNEXPECTED. There is no way we can keep a count of the likes we received but the stats team makes it possible. I too would have overlooked it.


But duh? What’s the big deal ? Its just 100likes.. It might be nothing but i wanted to exented my sincere thanks to all those who have regularly been visiting my blog and going through my posts.. Both Bad or good.

It inspires me to keep going, keep you guys entertained while I archive some of the unexpected incidents in my life. This comes in when I was thinking my writing is deteriorating and I have got my hands filled with a lot of things to do. To start with I received a project on which I should work in order to do an internship at a reputed MNC which requires me to learn a great load of additional concepts. The online courses that I signed up for have began and I have been neglecting them.. Need to catch up with it . I am also learning spanish . And on top of all this college is starting next month!!

All this plus the blog seemed a lot for me to handle and I thought if giving this up.. But the notification prompted me to head in the other direction.. I cannot promise to blog everyday from now on.. I might be absent for weeks.. Hoping to continue blogging. 🙂

Thank you wanderlasters for stopping by and reading. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blogging endeavours

  1. At the end of the day, I check to your blog. Because you’re blog is such as peaceful valley. First time, your post is not smiled me completely, my dear Earthlings friend Varsh. But, I hope you would achieve that what you want. And I hope this would be one of your happiness:) We are here, you know WD and me;) And right now we are discussing. It says “we should not like this post, she left us!” I should tell WD, what the “likes” button means immediately:)

    • Thank you amigo. 🙂 I didnt say i am abandoning the blog. Its just that i wont be frequently posting. I will definatively blog whenever i find time.

      • I had understood that however it was a little bit difficult to understand of WD:)) See you soon my dear Earthling friend, keep in peace and safe:)

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