In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Easy Fix.”

Today’s Prompt: Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

“And all was right in the world“ is alright but Easy fix? How can we have a easy fixing solution For things to be right in the world ?!

I am going to deal with the “all was right in the world“ part of the prompt and not the easy fix part.


This prompt reminds me of the movie WRECK IT RALPH! You remember the plot? No? Let me give you a few clues.. Flix fix it! Rings a bell? No?! Any gamers here? We are heading nowhere..

Fix it felix is a game in which there exists two main characters no points for guessing.. the hero and the villian. The villian here is Ralph who smashes his huge hands on any building he can lay his hands on ( literally! ). And there is Felix who remarkablly fixes all the damaged objects with the help of a puny hammer. How can i forget the mob of citizens who never fail to yell “Fix it Felix“ in unison everytime the situations demands them to. I dont think they have a vocabulatry broader that this.

In the movie there is another character called glitch.. who everyone instantly finds adorable and cute. 🙂 The movie is about glitch helping Ralph and Ralph helping glitch in respective areas.

At the end Ralph turns out to be the hero. And people get to see the other better.. kinder side of the Wrecking Ralph. All the time Ralph trying to prove that he has what it takes to be a hero.

Apart from the fact that it was a fun watch. What i learnt from the movie was that there are going to be glitches in your life.. a ralph whose duty it is to wreck up your life.. a felix fix it who can unmistakebly fix each and everything the magnitude of damage is not a limiting attribute… and a fickle minded mob who dont know the real facts and care way to less about your emotions and life. It is upto us to choose the Felix fix it in our lives and keep away the wrecking Ralphs. But it is also important to realise that some glitches are bound to occur in our lives.. we have the option to let loose the Felix in Ralph.. pull ourselves out of miseries, help others in small ways and prove to no one but our own selves that we are the heroes of our lives… and all will be right in your world!

Fix it people !! 😉


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