In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”

Today’s prompt: What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

Its interesting how people want to know about others life.. you get to understand the person better.. sometimes it even causes a paradigm shift in the way you percieve things around you or you thoughts w.r.t a particular person. It is a beautiful way to generate mutual trust and respect for another person. No one knows you better than you. Thats why people write autobiographies. They want others to know what they have been to be what they are… thats what some people at wordpress are doing. Respect all you guys out there. And thats why we love them.. even movies.. they build a better undersatanding of a person. They might think they have an absolutely non entertaining story. It is sometimes these very lives that inspire us the mosr This is what i think about life stories.

Was that a bit too serious?

Dont worry i am planning to have a chat with a funny being.. so get ready.. 😉

Since this is a WordPress daily prompt i thought i would chat with someone i would never have met if it wasnt for wordpress and this blog.

This person is someone who brings a smile on my face everytime he/she posts a comment. His/Her posts are thought provoking when it comes to global issues. But he/she proclaims to be from outer space.. a non earthling in his/her words. Presenting you Mr./Miss Migarium

Why do i think i saw a smile on you face migarium?.. its migo in short as you have mentioned in your site. So thats how i am going to address you here.

So why would i select you? I cant possibly ask me to meet you in cafe coffe day or Mc Donalds or starbucks!! That would give away your identity. Lets bet on the safe boundries thats laid out by wordpress and keep your identity undisclosed to others.

The way i think our conversation would proceed:

Me: “Hello migo, how are you? I hope sitting by the wordpress fireside is not daunting to you“

Migo: some witty remark that i cant come up with. 😛

Me: “what would you like to have. My apologies.. I have no clue about your materials that give you energy to live“

Migo:“There is no need for that. You see i am green in color. Which allows me to make my own food through a process of photosynthesis. I think the water will suffice.“

Me: “Oh sure. Here you go. By the way.. is your food generating process the same as that of plants?“

Migo: “I am sorry my earthling friend i am not allowed to make confidential disclosures about my species.“

Me: “Its ok. I understand.“

*awkward silence*

Me: “I dont know how to put this but I wanted to know this.. if.. umm.. you are a Mr or Miss.. you see i am writing a blog. And everytime i mention you i have to put it up as he/she, his/her, Mr/Miss.. its tiring to do it again and again.. it might help me.. i completely understand if you dont want to give the details away.“

Migo: ….. psst migo.. you are suppose to fill this up.

Me:“Its the first time i have seen an alien maintain a blog.. called ‘unnecessary news from earth‘. Why would you do that? The news you put out at times are not necessarily unnecessary. It is sometimes substantially important. I myself am unaware of some facts. Do you wish to elaborate?“

Migo: …

Me: “I am sorry i am ranting. You need to speak something.. “

Migo: …

Me: “Can i learn the your language? Is it easy to learn? “

Migo: “I am sorry. You cant learn our language. If you do.. you will be able to decode the signals from my planet. That would breech the security code i signed to come here.“

Me: “Oh…“

Me: “Hey!! You know your name reminds me of a word in spanish!!“

Migo: “Which one will that be?“

Me: “The word is amigo. In spanish it means friend. Does your name has a special meaning in your language ?“

Migo: …

Me: “Okay. Do you mind if i call you amigo?“

Migo: …

Me: “Can you do me one more favour? Can you watch the movie ‘koi mil gaya‘? Its about an alien (again!) Just google it for description and decide if you want to see it.. it might seem fictitious but its worth a try.“

Migo: …

Me: “It was nice to meet and have a chat with a non earthling.“

Migo: …

So there we are. I hope you dont mind it migo. Fill in the replies through comments or reblog it and edit it.

Adios amigo (Its spanish.. google translate it 😉 )



  1. Opps, what’s going on? I guess, I will be famous:)) Wait a minute, I will try to answer all these, but I have to eat right now. ..Woooww, hardly believe, tralalalaa I will be famous:))

    • There goes my smile again. 🙂 Wait i am laughing. I didnt expect you to respond this way. 🙂 you seem to be really happy. You too say tralala!! Please tell me you hav read the poem/song “brown girl in the rain“…

  2. No I didn’t read that poem. And, of course I will answer like this way; this can be a shot for that I could find the opportunity for being famous on planet Earth:)

    Firstly, I have to confess I am not alone when I write. I guess you missed out my post with topic “Blog adventure of Migo and WD”. I’ve written all post and comments with WD. WD is a dog with the description of the earthlings. If I am allowed I want to add quotes from that post, after than I will answer some of your question:
    “…It is living on the streets. Because of that I lived mostly on the streets too, it was not difficult to come together with WD and me. It has got some habits, such as drinking alcohol continuously. This is not bad for me, but its doctor had warned to WD and given a daily alcohol limit. However, it never gave up to lick to every bottle around every trash without care about his warning. Besides, it is most intelligence creature, which I knew on this planet. It is so smart that if it wasn’t my friend, I could not survive until today on the planet Earth…”

    “…We’ve started to write this blog. Because of I am a serious extraterrestrial; I’m writing the serious news and events. WD likes to talk too much. And it is writing the mostly comment on the other blogs post. It loves to laugh generally. Even if I couldn’t understand why it laughed, I am trying to be companion of WD’s laughing case…”

    My Earhlings friend Varsh, I guess this could be some light of the some questions:)

    Why name is Migo? It is not due to the Amigo word, but it sounds nice Amigo:) It is because when I came in first time on this planet, I found my self around the MIG factory in Russia. And after than the neighboring people looked me, they saw my technical ability about the flying objects:) And they called me Miga, (some of them have religious and they called me Migarium, and kids called me Migo. That’s why Migo.

    By the way WD told me right now,
    “Migo, if you continue serious like these, we never find the opportunity being famous.”

    And, we don’t have any gender. There are only 7 migarium on our planet. And we don’t know what the gender is. I learned the gender when I came here. Yes, our population doesn’t increase like the mankind. Because we don’t increase. We have been always seven, and will be seven. So just Migo, not mr or mrs 🙂

    Is there any question?

    WD told me right now:
    “You screwed up all my being famous plan. What will I do with you!”

    I guess I have to stop:)

  3. And the after sleepless nights, 10 points on all score goes to WD. It feels itself like:

    And of course it is more handsome:)
    Thank you so much Varsh for enjoyable conversation,
    and thank you too mikeytbull:)

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