PK !!

Another stunning performance by Aamir Khan. An absolutly intriguing movie that will make you question the fundamentals  on which our society breaths.


This movie is about an alien (called pk in movie-in hindi pk or peekee means drunk) who lands on planet earth for research. He loses his remote control to his spaceship. And here begins his search to find his stolen remote. On receiving no help from the police he turns to the general public posing his situation and asking for advice. To which everyone gives only one answer.. “now only god can help you!“  Realising that god can solve his problem he goes on a endless spree searching for a god who will solve his problem. Desperately trying to get home he practices all rituals which are supposed to help him impress god who will help him find the remote. Adding a cuteness to the movie is Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), a journalist helps him in his mission.

Not being an earthling he discovers many things which to him are unusual. Like the fact that humans wear clothes itself is what he calls weird.

The movie is comical which will make you laugh and think of the conditions that exist in our planet.

I promise you that the movie is nothing like the other alienistic movie you have ever seen before. With zero bloodshead, it pulls the right cords to immediately connect with the audience. Pk is a movie that will positively change your prespective towards various operations in and around the world. Hope you like it. 🙂 🙂

If you have already watched the movie let me know what you think.


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