In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

Today’s prompt: What change big or small do you wish to make from your blog?

I thought we were going to get a set of new prompts from the daily post (That’s what they mentioned on their 1st Jan prompt ) then why is there a rehash of old prompts again? Its just the second day of the new year!!

Getting on with the prompt it appears to me that I am a grain of sand in this huge beach filled with sand particles trying to find their own existence. I mean what change could I possibly bring about? We have some awesome blogs here that are dedicated to important issues which informs us about things which i probably wouldnt have known or thoughts that urge me wrack my brain and get my grey cells to functions while some others just blow my mind with their wonderful memoir on daily events. All I do is write prompts, give my point of view on certain topics and ask a lot of questions. 😛

I really don’t know what change I could bring out. But it would be good to hear from others if I am able to bring a change in their lives. I don’t think I have written anything to that effect. Hopefully in future I would be able to do that. 🙂


2 thoughts on “CHANGE?

  1. Probably you will able to bring a change in their lives. Because, I guess you are peaceful and a human being, who exhibits positive attitude. At least, you exhibit positive attitude to those, who are out of planet Earth:)

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