In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cliché.”

The prompt, neither did it show up in our mails nor did it find its way to my wordpress feed today.

I thought it to be unusual and visited the daily post website and realised “Damn!! WordPress is having problems again !! ” So i was there and was looking at some of the posted responses. I am new to WP and was goingng through a few responses by the long term WP users and i noticed they weren’t pleased with this sort of prompt and some stated that the repeated prompts weren’t helping.

Heres what I am thinking. The reason why this prompt didn’t find its way to our in boxes was because most of us would look into our in boxes and respond. (My WP app doesn‘t work well for that purpose) And only the old folks would know about this hapless WP scenario.  So lesser the people the better. Broadcasting it would highlight their level of ignorance. The newbies wouldn’t know about it which would spare them some shame. They are used to the chatter of long term WP users. Aah.. now i see.. a bird in hand is worth two in a bush !! (Per.fect backdrop). This might as well be the writing on the wall. 😛

At the end WP gets to put up a prompt and people respond. All is well that ends well. 😉



  1. It was the rehash of an old prompt from 2013, that was probably why we didn’t get the mail. The first 55 postings were originals from then and the rest we added on. I hope today will be more original, otherwise we will carry on regardless – I hope

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