Whats wrong with me?

I have no clue whats wrong with me. My exams are going on and i seem to be posting a lot these days. Its been atleast four months since i started this blog and i never have posted so many posts. So what is making me do it right now? *in the middle of my exams*

Its not that i am not serious about it. Its more like i have lost the paitence to prepare for the final exam. Especially the final exam. I rely on whatever i have learnt in the During Semester Assesment -DSA- and a few topics here and there to wite my External Semester Assement -ESA or finals. I dont really believe in marks as such. So it doesnt bother me beyond a point as far as marks are concerned.

Anyone phobic to exams must come and study in India 😉 . I am sure within a year your fears are going to vanish. There are soo many “test” and “exams” it seems like a part of your life. Anyone living in India and doing engineering will understand me. I rather have quality syllabus oriented projects than randomised answer paper writing.

There are more  posts to come i guess. For all the sleepless nights spent burning the midnight oil. Bear with me, as i bear the exams.


9 thoughts on “Whats wrong with me?

  1. I think, anyone who received engineering education had found a part of oneself in this movie, wherever lives on the planet Earth. Ok, the dance parts of movie were not closer myself, but the movie had told well what they wanted to tell, and it was funny:)

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