In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Santa.”

You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want. The caveat? You have to give it anonymously. What gift would you give, and to whom?

Have heard and seen a lot of this secret santa. The earlist of ones that i got to know were at school. The ones that people did at school were funny.

All students had to assemble in ground for morning assembly and during this time when the class was empty people had to sneek out of the assembly to place gifts into their friends bag before the assembly crowd dispersed for their respective classes. You literally had to turn invisible cause you needed to make sure that none of the faculty and none of your friends noticed your absence and god help you if you got company sneeking out with one of your friends to whom you turned secret santa.I mean he or she would keep yelling “Go keep it. Now is the chance”. I have seen people sneeking in the washroom to emerge out at the right time to carefully place gifts. The hardest part was for the ones who opned found their gifts hidden in some corner of their backpacks in the most strict teachers class who captutred the slightest of change in your face muscles. You couldn’t even show surprise and the friend who put it in your bag will be smirking away to glory looking at the controled show of surprise that you emit in small doses. And the gifts people would give.. ranging from oreo cookies, lays chips to stuffed toys. That was what they could afford at that time.

Well whatever i mentioned above never happened with me. So i am quite inexperienced in this field.

What would i give and to whom? I don’t know. May be something that brings a simle on peoples faces knowing someone loves and cares for them. I really don’t know. Too bad at it.


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