7 Best Innovations in 2014

My selection of 7 best innovations short listed from 25 best innovations in 2014 Time magazine. Criteria for shortlisting (in noparticular order) need, scale of use, cost and originality.

1. Witricity – Wireless electricity
In this age of wireless devices our appliances are glued to walls to draw power from fixed sockets. True there are a few power-mat chargers for small gadgets like phones. But WiTricity, based in Watertown, Mass., is thinking big. Its technology—involving a plug-in coil that creates a magnetic field, which in turn powers objects as far away as 8 ft. (2.4 m)—has been tested on Toyota electric cars (with charging mats), Intel PCs (with charging pads) and more. Within 10 years, says CEO Alex Gruzen, rooms could be wired so that all appliances—lamps, TVs, stereos—pull power from a central charging base.

2. Ringly
Ladies, if you own a smartphone and need to constantly check ur phone for important notifications and find yourself digging into your bag  then, this is the product for you. What if you could get that info from something you were already wearing? That’s the thinking behind Ringly , a line of rings that can be programmed to glow when wearers get an email from their boss, any number of other can’t-miss communications. the first 1,000 Ringly rings, which rolled out in June, sold out within 24 hours.

3. PillPack
How many times have you missed the pills you needed to take only to be followed by “Oh no!! Not again”. Pillpack promises it wont let it happen again. PillPack sorts medications into a ticker tape of tearable packets, organized by date and time.

4. MotionSavvy uni
For the millions of deaf people who cannot speak, everyday communication often requires costly human translators and tedious note writing. Enter the Uni, a tablet and attachment that leverages motion-sensing cameras and voice recognition to translate American Sign Language into spoken words—and spoken words into text—in real time.

5. Osmo 
A play tool for this generation of kids who have their eyes glued onto the screen. Osmo helps bring virtual play into the real world. Osmo’s “reflective AI” attachment enables the iPad camera to interpret physical objects—allowing kids to mimic an onscreen pattern with colored tiles. Which keeps kids engaged and refines their motor skills as well.

6. Wikipearls
Edible wrappers!! Imagine eating wrappers that encase yogurt, cheese, ice cream and more in shells strong enough to hold their shape (in water, heat and cold) until you take your first bite. For everyone out there who wont go to the nearest dustbin visible and for those who don’t find one. Each shell is made of particles of dried fruit or other natural substances that are tiny enough to be electrically attracted to one another; they are combined with calcium and sugar to strengthen the form.All in an attempt to reduce world packaging waste. Can’t lick off the covers on this one, can ya ? 😉

.7. Blue room
The Prison Room that Helps Inmates Relax.Can you imagine yourself locked up in a small room with absolutely nothing to look at except a wall (without your cellphone) in a hyper tensed environment. This comes as little relief for all those prisoners who go through this.Oregon prison has taken an initiative to tackle solitary confinement with the blue room experiment. A room in prison where a projector plays video of open deserts, streaming waterfalls and other outdoor scenes. This is said to calm prisoners thereby reducing suicidal instincts, mental illness and violence

Click here for the list of 25 best innovations listed by The Time. Tell me what you think about them.


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