A bend in the road – Nicholas Spark

A bend

The story of Miles Ryan and Sarah Andrews is rooted in tragedy.

Miles Ryan is a deputy sherif in New Bern, as much as he wants to move on, his thoughts are drawn back to his wife Missy – who was killed in a hit-and-run accident two years back. He longs to bring the unknown driver to justice.

Sarah Andrews is the 2nd grade teacher of Miles son, Jonah. Called upon by her mother to stay at New Bern after a heart breaking divorce from Baltimore.

The whole story revolves round the mystery behind he death of Ryan’s wife Missy and his attempt to get over it and move on , the sense of guilt and betrayal of falling in love with someone else while his wife’s killer absconds free.

Fate brings them together. Love and romance blooms between the two. A common ground exists between them, of which neither are aware of forces them to make choices about the feelings they have for each other and the life they spent together.

Surely a page turner. Love and forgiveness will take a new meaning in life. As you turn over the last page and complete reading the book, the tears in your eyes are bound to roll down your cheek leaving you mesmerized by the story been told.


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