Hey there wanderlusters , 🙂

I am an  student, reader, music maniac and thinker.

Though i initially started this blog under the name “Travels of a wandering mind”.. i couldn’t blog regularly.. hopefully now i will..  🙂

This is my first blog and my attempt to organise my “thoughtlessness” into if not something productive, at least something to keep me from whiling away time.

I am not active on most of the “awesome” social networking platforms, My friends keep urging me to be a part of it. To bridge the communication gap between me and my friends from diffused locations as well as to keep them informed of the skills their crazy friend possesses. ( i highly doubt any of them even try stepping out of the networking sites and peep into my blog. Dear friends, if you ever do so please step forward leave a comment and a occasional “Hi“ or “You are crazy?!“ in the comments section. I would be happy to see you here.)

All of the poems and posts on this site are authored by me (Unless mentioned otherwise).

All other fellow bloggers let me know what you guys think about this “endeavour” of mine and feel free to leave your valuable thoughts in the comments section. 🙂


3 thoughts on “ME

  1. I am sure the people are thinking same with me, you make the extraterrestrials miss you:) Thank you for your existence on this planet, my dear Earthling friend 🙂

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