Time seems to have frozen.
Has the sound been to be stolen?
Is it the sound of the dead?
Or is it the scream of whats left unsaid?



As the skies roar
The clouds clash and open their doors
It drizzles, it pours
You will be left wanting for more

There is no one
Who can’t sense the worth
There is no one
who can mistake the smell of rainsoaked earth

The air gains a fresshness anew
Enter the birds in blue
They put us all in trance
As they spread their feathers and dance

It pours untill the earth glows
The buds, the seeds all wakeup and rise
Not once, not twice
It will rain until the world dies.

A bend in the road – Nicholas Spark

A bend

The story of Miles Ryan and Sarah Andrews is rooted in tragedy.

Miles Ryan is a deputy sherif in New Bern, as much as he wants to move on, his thoughts are drawn back to his wife Missy – who was killed in a hit-and-run accident two years back. He longs to bring the unknown driver to justice.

Sarah Andrews is the 2nd grade teacher of Miles son, Jonah. Called upon by her mother to stay at New Bern after a heart breaking divorce from Baltimore.

The whole story revolves round the mystery behind he death of Ryan’s wife Missy and his attempt to get over it and move on , the sense of guilt and betrayal of falling in love with someone else while his wife’s killer absconds free.

Fate brings them together. Love and romance blooms between the two. A common ground exists between them, of which neither are aware of forces them to make choices about the feelings they have for each other and the life they spent together.

Surely a page turner. Love and forgiveness will take a new meaning in life. As you turn over the last page and complete reading the book, the tears in your eyes are bound to roll down your cheek leaving you mesmerized by the story been told.


Hey there wanderlusters , 🙂

I am an  student, reader, music maniac and thinker.

Though i initially started this blog under the name “Travels of a wandering mind”.. i couldn’t blog regularly.. hopefully now i will..  🙂

This is my first blog and my attempt to organise my “thoughtlessness” into if not something productive, at least something to keep me from whiling away time.

I am not active on most of the “awesome” social networking platforms, My friends keep urging me to be a part of it. To bridge the communication gap between me and my friends from diffused locations as well as to keep them informed of the skills their crazy friend possesses. ( i highly doubt any of them even try stepping out of the networking sites and peep into my blog. Dear friends, if you ever do so please step forward leave a comment and a occasional “Hi“ or “You are crazy?!“ in the comments section. I would be happy to see you here.)

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Against the wind

la Madaline 011

I stand there as the wind pass by,
Forcing me to close my eyes,
Gushing of the wind is all i hear,
Rekindling in me a long gone fear.

A feeling of weightlessness prevails over me,
As it swept me off my feet,
Seamlessly overpowering me,
Provoking me to accept defeat.

I hold my ground and keep my stand,
All i needed was a helping hand,
I gather all courage from within,
And dare to go against the wind.

The winds blown,
The storms all gone,
I have grown,
Though all alone.

Yeah thats me,
Its me still there,
Braver than before,
Stronger than before.

Yeah thats me,
Its me still there,
Stronger than the wind,
Stronger than the wind.