A decade of attitude Vs Aptitude

The first quarter of 2021 is done! Aaaannnnndddd… we are back to square one of the pandemic! I attended weddings and associated ceremonies after decades. Three of my best friends got married! I unfortunately couldn’t attend one of their weddings. I felt utterly devastated for not attending the wedding even though they had live streamed […]

POST 2020

Being an introvert I always yearned for a solitary life. This was granted to me; though it was in a time of crisis I am happy to have survived it. I have also established that I can live with my own company and this has brought some amount of peace. Met and bonded with a […]


It’s been more than two years that I graduated and started working at a startup. I had the opportunity to work with a enthusiastic and fun loving team on boring, challenging and interesting projects alike. It had been over two years and I needed some change… Change from the monotonous bus rides to and from […]